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In response to the need for a home for the physically handicapped, a group of volunteers headed by Toh Puan Datuk Hajjah Sadiah (Wife of Tun Hj. Sardon Jubir, former Governor of Penang) set up the Penang Cheshire Home in 1978.

The Home is sited in pleasant surroundings in a quiet residential area in Penang. The original building, a wing of the former Po Leung Kuk Home, (thus the high brick walls) was renovated and furnished from generous public donations. On the 16th September 1978, Toh Puan Datuk Hajjah Sadiah welcomed the first residents on the official opening of the Home.

Since its inception, the Home has been extended and improved. It has a large hall/dining room, a work area, physiotherapy room and dormitories, which can accomodate 40 residents. There is also a small clinic, administration office, kitchen and store-room.

Caring Penangites donated towards the construction of the double storey Training Centre. On the ground floor, there is a conference room which is rented to the public when the home is not using it for their training courses or seminars. On the upper floor, there are hostel facilities for visiting residents and members from other Cheshire Homes.

The aim of the Home is to help the physically handicapped adjust to life, to be independant and take their place in society amongst their able-bodied brethren.

Applicants of both sexes between the age of 12 and 45 are admitted upon the recommendation of our doctors. Each resident is charged accomodation fee of RM100.00 (minimum) a month.

The Management Committee helps in the running of the Home which is under the care of an Administrator and supporting staff.

Day-care facilities are also available.

In its homely ambience, residents learn a variety of handicrafts which are sold in the Home as well as outside. We also help residents to integrate into society by finding them jobs in factories and sheltered workshops.

We have a Faster Parents Scheme through which interested individuals or corporations can donate RM360.00 a year to "adopt" a resident. A Foster Parent Day is held annually to officially acknowledge the warmth and generosity of our caring Foster Parents.

Should you wish to celebrate an occasion with the residents or take your foster child for an outing. We shall be most happy to help. Our residents will be overjoyed to see a smiling face and hear a friendly voice.

As our Home is a voluntary organisation, any assistance or donations, be they food or cash are very welcome. If you have a little time to spare, perhaps you may wish to offer your services to augment our efforts to rehabilitate our residents.

The Penang Cheshire Home is a registered charity organisation and all cash donations to the Home are tax-exempt.

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